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The Best Programming Language for Mobile App Development

By Anonymous User posted Thu January 07, 2021 04:46 AM


Are you looking for some details on how to code for the development of a mobile app? That’s an interesting thing to do. But before you step ahead, you need to choose the programming language.  

There are so many types of mobile apps. Some of these are called native mobile apps and these are supported only by the operating system of the specific mobile. The second option is a cross-platform mobile app that works perfectly well on all operating systems. Third, are mobile web apps that switch to the web browser when you need to explore something. Each one of these has its unique pros and cons.

If you are planning to design a website for the promotion of your personal brand, it is good to go ahead with cross-platform apps that work well on all gadgets. However, the selection of programming technology must be done more carefully to get the desired results. Below we have listed some of the most popular options for mobile app developers. You can choose any of these languages that fit your skills and interest in the best possible manner:

Objective C

It is the first most programming language supported by the Apple brand for developing iOS friendly apps. Objective-C is basically an object-oriented language that follows language syntax from OO-ness and C. However, the biggest trouble with this language is that its square brackets and verbose make it hard to debug. If you are experienced in handling such errors, it is the most stable and mature language for mobile app development.


Swift was introduced by Apple in the year 2014 and it was promoted as a mobile app development language in 2015. After several updates in its design, Swift finally surpassed the popularity of Objective-C to write native iOS apps. The great news is that Objective -C and Swift can co-exist; therefore, this new language can use existing libraries of Objective-C. Beginners find this language simpler and easier to learn.


If you are interested to develop an app for the Android platform, Java can be a great choice. This language has been the first preference of developers since the year 2008. This pure object-oriented language was quickly adopted worldwide. It is possible to write mobile apps using Java and then program them with the Android SDK. Some reports reveal that Java needs extensive boilerplate code even for doing a few simple tasks. The concepts may appear difficult to understand for beginners.


Google started supporting Kotlin mobile app development language in the year 2017. It is considered the best alternative to Java for developing interactive and user-friendly Android apps. You will be happy to hear that Java and Kotlin are interoperable; that means they can make use of similar information. You can use Java libraries while developing a mobile app in Kotlin. People find it a cleaner and neater version of Java.

HTML5 and Apache Cordova

Apache Cordova was launched as a PhoneGap project from Adobe. Using this platform, you can run JavaScript and HTML code with ease on a captive browser instance named Webview. Using this development solution, you need to write code only once and then it can be launched anywhere. However, many people report that this programming language can lead to sluggish responses due to the involvement of JavaScript in the code.

React Native

React Native was launched as an internal hackathon project on Facebook; however, over the years it turned out to be the best mobile app programming language in the market. The best thing to know about this language is that users need not design apps separately for iOS and Android devices; instead, a single app build using React Native can run perfectly on both platforms. Another big advantage of React Native is that it allows users to write codes in the form of sections that can be further used on different platforms.

Now you have gone through the details of six different programming languages for the development of mobile apps. There is no doubt to say that you may find many other competitive options in the market including Python, Ruby, and HTML5. Experts advise choosing one that is easy to understand and allows cross-platform development. You can find some courses online to learn the basics of these programming languages. Soon you will be able to design apps that get huge popularity online. If you sell mobile phones, then also you can develop your apps to serve customers with a variety of services, games, and entertainment solutions.