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MH06 Trace Tools Supportpac Being Sunset

By Tim Zielke posted Wed July 13, 2022 01:19 PM

For those who use the MH06 Trace Tools supportpac, I have decided to stop supporting it. The main reason is just too busy. I did want to make a few closing comments for those who still use it.

1) For the constant resolution of some fields (e.g. Get Options), I built into the constant resolution process a warning if an undefined field value was detected. Hopefully, this will help flag if new constant values are added in the future releases of IBM MQ and you still use the mqtrcfrmt tool.

2) The source code is embedded in the mqtrcfrmt.jar, in case anyone wants to take that and support it on their own.

3) For those wanting a tool that can help with MQ trace formatting, I would recommend looking into the vendors MQGEM and Nastel that offer Activity Trace formatting tools.