Announcing Middleware Mash-Up 2021

By Tim Bonnemann posted 29 days ago

The IBM Integration community offers a lot of events for our members. These are lots of valuable events you can participate in, and here’s one you should definitely check out: Middleware Mash-Up 2021.

It’s a free, virtual event with two days of sessions presented by some of IBM’s leaders in application and infrastructure integration. Presentations on modernizing your messaging & integration in the face of infrastructure and architecture modernization will be presented by:

  • Andrew Humphreys, Program Director, Offering Management, IBM Cloud Pak for Integration with a session on Understanding External Influences on Your Integration Strategy and Direction
  • David Ware Chief Architect of IBM MQ, with a session on Transforming your IBM MQ estate using containers
  • Nicholas Glowacki, Executive IT Specialist, IBM Evangelist for IBMs integration Portfolio with a session on Integration Modernization Lessons Learned
  • Amy McCormick, Principal Offering Manager – IBM MQ Distributed IBM Automation on enterprise-wide integration for modern distributed environments.
  • Shreyas Shah, IBM Offering Manager, Hybrid Integration on Integrating data in the Cloud with IBM App Connect

The idea behind the event is two-fold:

  1. To provide I&O professionals with insight into futureproofing their environments, not available at any other event.
  2. To make the event as close to a live in-person event as possible. So, the event offers networking with peers and experts, open discussion breakout sessions, online discussion forums, and some fun features for attendees.

You can see a list of speakers and sessions, and sign up for the free event, at

Hope to see you there! Feel free to leave a comment below if you have any questions, or contact the organizers directly.​​​​​​
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29 days ago

I am really looking forward to this event. As an interesting note, a new presenter has just been added. Luke Powlett, Software Engineer & Security Focal IBM MQ in containers will be co-presenting with David Ware (Chief Architect of IBM MQ) on the session "Transforming your IBM MQ estate using containers." Luke will be running a demo in the session, so it should be exciting.