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IBM App Connect Enterprise Change Data Capture with PostgreSQL

By Sumuthu Amaradasa posted Mon November 27, 2023 10:55 AM


Change data capture (CDC) is a process of obtaining changes that are made within a data source (e.g. databases). Those changes are then delivered in real-time to a process downstream; this helps to maintain consistency across all systems that interact with data. Businesses may use data capture to help keep systems in sync, ensure reliable data replication, help users to detect and manage incremental changes at the data source as well as integrate the source event data with applications. 


For example, consider a database that holds customer information and a processor that analyses the customer database and presents that data on a dashboard. Therefore, whenever a customer’s data changes, it is important that the processor operates the new information in real time to prevent incorrect information being displayed on the dashboard.

The document attached in this link is a tutorial showing how to capture data changes from a PostgreSQL database and write that data into an external text file (on a Windows system). The tutorial provides instructions on how to create a sample table within a database in PostgreSQL and build a message flow on IBM’s App Connect Enterprise Toolkit using the CDC node, Trace node and FileOutput node. The example flow I have provided can be extended to integrate anything that App Connect Enterprise supports.