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IBM MQ Managed File Transfer Agent in container

By Shashikanth Rao Thambrahalli posted Mon June 27, 2022 03:41 AM


IBM MQ Managed File Transfer (MFT) transfers files between systems in a managed and auditable way, regardless of file size or the operating systems used. You can use Managed File Transfer to build a customized, scalable, and automated solution that enables you to manage, trust, and secure file transfers. Managed File Transfer eliminates costly redundancies, lowers maintenance costs, and maximizes your existing IT investments.

MFT Agents are responsible for moving files from one point to another over MQ network. Agents can run on variety of platforms, Linux, Windows, IBM i and z/OS to name a few.

Did you know IBM MQ MFT Agent is also available as a  container image?

Yes, MFT agent is available as a “developer only” type container image and is published on IBM Container Registry. The image is built with IBM MQ MFT 9.3 LTS version and supports standard and protocol bridge type of agents. Read here for more details.

This version of the container image is unsupported and hence not recomended for production purpose. However, questions/queries/issues can be raised via GitHub case.

You can deploy the container image in a Kubernetes implementation such as OpenShift Container Platform (OCP) or run with podman or docker runtimes. Source code of the container image is also published on GitHub. You can refer the source code to build your own image. 

You can pull the image from registry using podman or docker command. For example: podman pull

Please note: MFT container images are not published to dockerHub anymore and the images published earlier are no longer maintained.