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Using IBM App Connect with IBM Instana - video

By Sanjay Nagchowdhury posted Tue January 10, 2023 09:45 AM


Introducing the new capability added in IBM App Connect Enterprise 12.0.7 which supports OpenTelemetry trace for an Integration Server.

In this video I explain how this new capability allows you to observe transactions in your Integration solution using tools such as IBM Instana.
IBM Instana is an observability platform which lets you monitor how your software is behaving, such as viewing CPU usage, memory usage and tracing. IBM Instana conforms to the OpenTelemetry standard, so you are able to track data as it passes between multiple disparate applications.

In the demo, I use the Coordinated RequestReply Tutorial which uses both HTTP and MQ transports. I show how it can be configured in the Integration Runtime of an ACE operator in a Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform. Events from ACE message flows and IBM MQ are gathered by an Instana agent, and then sent to an IBM Instana backend which you can use to view transaction data.