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IBM App Connect Operator v1.1.0

By Rob Convery posted Thu December 24, 2020 03:35 AM

We are very pleased to announce we’ve just released the latest version of the App Connect operator (v1.1.0) which forms part of CP4i 2020.4.1 and ACE Certified Container v4.1.0. This release contains key capability and support positioning that will drive immediate value to our clients.

New Features

The updates in this release include:

  • EUS support with Red Hat OCP 4.6, our first official container offering with official long-term support
  • The introduction of our Designer Event framework on CP4i, with support for Salesforce, Kafka and Scheduled events
  • Kafka connector, including the ability to interact with Confluent
  • Mapping assist enhancements to handle arrays of complex fields
  • Container and footprint reduction by merging containers
  • Additional connectors running locally; Jenkins, Amazon Dynamo DB, Sterling IV, Dropbox

SOE Updates:

  • Uses the IBM App Connect Enterprise release, includes fixes for APARs: IT34603 and IT34158
  • Uses the IBM MQ 9.2.0 client
  • Support for Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform 4.6

For further information please refer to the App Connect Enterprise knowledge center
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