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New IBM MQ Container image for Apple Silicon (Arm64)

By RICHARD COPPEN posted Fri June 30, 2023 09:04 AM


MacOS developers can now build and run an IBM MQ container image natively on Apple Silicon without the need for Rosetta emulation.

Instructions for building the image are published the MQ Container GitHub repo. Once setup with the prereqs (GNU Make and Podman or Docker), it's just three commands to get up and running. 

git clone

cd mq-container

make build-devserver

The Makefile will pull down the MQ install image and build a container image. The image will be tagged automatically as which you can then use it to get up and running with a containerised MQ queue manager by following this tutorial.

Please note the following known restriction with the arm64 image:

  • It is not possible to run the IBM MQ XR component which provides MQTT and AMQP based messaging.