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Webinar - Reduce Operational Costs with the IBM MQ Appliance

By Peter D'Agosta posted Tue November 09, 2021 06:26 PM


There’s nothing more frustrating than being mandated to both reduce costs and try to modernize at the same time. Modern workloads require a modern infrastructure. At most organizations, enterprise messaging workloads have grown steadily and will continue to grow well into 2024. Many organizations look to modernize to manage this growth but often these modernized infrastructure and growing workloads add to the challenge of maintaining reliability and performance levels, which in turn, leads to increased administrative overhead – particularly in complex distributed environments. This growth makes it seemingly impossible to then also reduce costs.

Is there a way of reducing costs in your existing MQ environment and/or keeping costs down as you grow that environment - without compromising reliability and performance? Naomi Scott of IBM is joining us for an online discussion on November 16th to discuss how to “Reduce Operational Costs with the IBM MQ Appliance”. Naomi will contrast the possible cost savings and other benefits of an alternative deployment option to traditional messaging software (and no, it’s not containers!). You can sign up to watch the online presentation for free here.

 As businesses, large and small are seeking ways to reduce costs, we will show you how this alternative deployment option can produce cost savings for you. We’ll also show you how to save costs in your existing enterprise messaging infrastructure and workload as well as saving costs as you scale. We’ll also go over the critical KPI’s you may not be aware of and the best practices for monitoring and managing your entire distributed enterprise messaging environment – including appliances like MQ Appliance and Datapower.

The webinar was rescheduled to December 1st at 10:00am Eastern Time. By signing up you’ll get a free 10-page paper outlining how you can reduce operational costs with the IBM MQ Appliance. Register Today.