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Reminder of 9.1 EOS on MQ Appliances (and link to lifecycle explanation doc)

By Naomi Scott posted Fri September 03, 2021 07:02 AM

Hi everyone.

Hopefully any MQ Appliance users on here have been keeping up with the MQ Appliance lifecycle announcements (subscribe here!). But just in case...

9.1 is announced as End of Support at the end of this month, so if you have been caught out you need to be planning that move to 9.2.

If you come from an MQ software background, it's easy to think that the MQ Appliance firmware is supported for the same amount of time as the software on which it is based. However, the extra goodness that goes into simplifying MQ on the MQ Appliance and into making it work so well means that you are getting more than just a lift-and-shift of MQ software, and that affects the lifecycle. The MQ Appliance LTS firmware is documented as being supported for at least 3 years, rather than the 5 years of software. MQ Appliances also don't offer support extensions on the firmware nor hardware. The good news, of course, is that your support subscription covers upgrades to the latest firmware, so 9.2 ought to be waiting for you (packed with enhancements!)

Still unsure about the how the MQ Appliance lifecycle works? Check out this explanation.

Enjoy 9.2!

A side note if you're running M2001s...As we're on the subject of End of Support, I thought I'd sneak in this little reminder that the M2001s go End of Support late 2023, so if that's you you've got plenty of time, but just don't leave it until the last minute ;-)