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IBM Champion Spotlight: Thor Ingham

By Namitha K posted Tue March 12, 2024 02:12 PM


Meet our Automation Champion Thor Ingham, who is the CTO of Avella and has been an IBM Champion for last two years! Thor has created internal Avella Academy program which focus on reducing the time taken to get started with application integration and automation as a profession. Integration and automation as a profession is something he cares deeply about and so does his organisation. He says, “Buy the best, build rest- was the motto of my first company. In the era of cloud I still believe this is true, use what is there and build as little as possible”.

He enjoys public speaking and have presented sessions on IoT, API economy, enterprise application integration and business process automation. He has been a speaker at the following events:

·      IBM Think 2021 – “How top companies scale automation to accelerate application integration across their enterprises”

·      IBM Automation Partner Summit 2021, 2022

·      IBM Integration days - Oslo

·      IBM Nordic Partner Summit

·      CIO IDG - Improve Business Growth with AI-Powered Automation.

Thor also loves creating blogs and podcasts and is looking forward to start a YouTube channel as well!

IBM Cloud Pak for Integration is Thor’s favourite product; “My customers can run the product on any cloud or private datacenter either standalone as containers, as a suite on OpenShift, VMs and bare metal. It allows integration specialist to focus on integration instead of learning the specifics of all public clouds”. He has always worked in the field of integration and enjoy building teams.  He spends his spare time for learning and at one point he decided to start sharing every thought and idea he has about integration. And that is when his journey of becoming an IBM Champion commenced!

Thor is really proud of the team they have at Avella and the process they have built to enable graduates to deliver quality integrations very quickly; “I think the biggest success I have been a part of, is structuring Avella, and now it’s 16 years of integration experience so that we deliver as one company and not as Individual employees”

If he weren’t in his current profession, he would love to be a Professor or teacher in the IT field!

Lightning round:

·      What would be your superpower and why? Programming, because then I could fix anything.

·      Ice cream or cake? Oreo ice cream, because it tastes like the cake.

·      Cats or dogs? I am allergic to both, I would love a dog though!

·      Summer or winter? Summer

·      Morning or evening? Evening

·      eBook or paper book? Paper

·      TV shows or movies? Movies

·      A night out or a night in? Night In

·      Cannonball into the pool or dip a toe in first? Toe first

·      Go-to karaoke song? Country Roads

·      Drive or fly? Drive, I like to be in control

Connect with Thor in LinkedIn and Community page.         

Meet Thor in-person for his upcoming session at TechCon 2024 happening 19th-21st March. 

Session 223, Putting APIs to work: API-led integration strategies and considerations:

Thor will provide lessons from the field - including with his client TINE - on how to progress an integration strategy with APIs

Abstract: APIs are a common topic in many of today’s integration conversations. But whether your APIs are synchronously pulling data from applications or asynchronously accessing Kafka events, APIs themselves are not the whole story. Hear from Avella CTO Thor Ingham how his organisation uses APIs as building blocks for Integration with clients such as TINE. Also learn how IBM brings APIs to life by simplifying the complete lifecycle of developing, testing, connecting, securing and deploying APIs for a complete integration solution.

Register for TechCon here