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Enhanced IBM MQ Connectors v2 now available !

By Matu Agarwal posted Wed September 20, 2023 05:53 AM


Today we have released IBM MQ Connector v2 !

IBM MQ source and sink connectors for Event Streams, have received significant enhancements over the predecessor version

Firstly, the upgraded connectors now offer "exactly once delivery" capability. This means that data sent through these connectors is guaranteed to be delivered exactly once, eliminating the possibility of duplicate messages. This is a crucial feature for MQ use-cases.

Secondly, the connectors have been improved to retry failed operation to allow recovering from certain failures, and any non-retriable failures will be communicated back to users via error status message. these enhancements make it easier to identify and resolve problems swiftly.

You can access these v2 connectors from connector catalog url mentioned below

IBM MQ Connector v2 (Source)- url

IBM MQ Connector v2 (Sink)- url

Do comment if you have questions