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Support for shared streaming queues addded to MQ for z/OS

By MATTHEW LEMING posted Tue November 08, 2022 02:18 AM


In MQ for z/OS 9.3.0 we added support for streaming queues, but only with private queues. I.e., a shared queue couldn’t have STREAMQ set on it or be used as the value of a STREAMQ. 9.3.1 removes this restriction.

Lot’s of customers have already contacted me asking about whether the restriction will be removed at 9.3.0 too. The good news is that it soon will, and for that you need APAR PH49686!

While I am on this topic there are many use cases for streaming queues, but one scenario that often comes up is using them as a way to get existing data moving through MQ into Kafka. Many z/OS customers are looking at getting data from z/OS into Kafka running on distributed platforms, so there is a nice synergy there with MQ on z/OS. A few of us will be presenting on this topic at a webinar next week. Perhaps we will see you there?

Using Kafka with z/OS for Hybrid Cloud Integration



Mon November 14, 2022 04:52 AM

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