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MQ Java applications running on z/OS can now use Java 11

By MATTHEW LEMING posted Fri January 14, 2022 04:21 AM

In November last year IBM released Java 11 support for z/OS. Prior to this Java 8 was the most recent supported version on the z/OS platform.

I'm pleased to announce that MQ for z/OS 9.2 (LTS and CD releases) now support Java 11 when used with either the MQ classes for JMS, or MQ classes for Java, in batch environments. This will allow application developers to make use of recent enhancements in the JVM and makes it easier to have common code for z/OS and distributed environments.

The only restriction to this is when connecting to a z/OS queue manager in client mode and using a queue with an AMS policy defined. This isn't currently possible as Java 11 doesn't yet support JCERACFKS key stores.

There are a number of environments where MQ classes for JMS and MQ classes for Java aren't yet supported. These are:

  • CICS OSGi JVM servers
  • CICS Liberty JVM servers
  • IMS
  • WebSphere Application Server Liberty Profile

This support will be added over time.

All this is stated more formally under the Java section of the MQ system requirement pages.

If you have any questions on this, or anything other MQ on z/OS subject do reach out to me at