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Technical: Create a resource monitor user exit for MQ FTE agent.

By kim meynendonckx posted Mon May 06, 2024 03:02 AM


I encountered a use case where I needed to configure a resource monitor to monitor a certain directory for files to be moved. The file could only be moved when the size of the file is greater than 0 and that the file size hasn’t changed for x polls of the resource monitor.

I tried to set the trigger conditions like this in the resource monitor definition.





                                                                <fileSizeSame polls="5">






                                                                                <compare operator=">=" units="B">0</compare>







This didn’t worked. After receiving feedback from IBM support that only one condition was allowed they advised to create a resource monitor exit. I found this webpage(

Explanation summarized: when the resource monitor is triggered, you can write a custom exit that verifies transfer metadata and you can decide if you want to cancel/proceed and/or change some transfer metadata for the resource trigger condition.

In my use case the user exit should just cancel the resource monitor trigger when the filesize=0.

Next I created a Java-class were I check the filesize and return a PROCEED_RESULT or CANCEL_TASK as MonitorExitResult.

A screenshot of a computer programDescription automatically generated


I compiled the java class into a jar file and put the jar file into the agents “exits” folder. This is the default location where the agent looks for custom exits.

Last I updated the file to set the exit for the monitor.

After the restart the exit should be used. The println statements in the java code should be visible into agents output.log.