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Agile integration and its relationship to APIs and messaging

By Kim Clark posted Mon July 20, 2020 10:17 AM


Much of the attention in the core material on agile integration has been on the breaking up of the centralized enterprise service bus (ESB) pattern into a more fine-grained and decentralized approach. This centered around how integrations can be built and deployed in separate containers using a lightweight integration runtime such as IBM App Connect Enterprise.

However, such a fundamental change to the way we do integration will have much broader implications. Recently we recorded a series of webcasts covering the basics of agile integration, but then branching out into API, events and messaging topics. To complement these, we also added a number of posts into the API Economy and Messaging blogs as detailed below. Since they are likely to be of interest to people who read this Integration blog, we thought we would briefly summarize this new content.

In Part 4 of the above mentioned video series we looked at APIs in relation to agile integration from a number of different perspectives. These are also documented in the following posts on the API Economy blog.

In Part 5 of the video series, we looked at messaging in relation to agile integration. We noted how the desire for highly decoupled components in microservices architecture has led to a resurgence in interest in asynchronous communication. This leads to both extending the value of queue-based messaging such as IBM MQ and complementing that with the introduction of Apache Kafka style messaging such as IBM Event Streams. A recent article by Callum Jackson Messaging and Event Streaming Use Cases provides a good comparison of the two styles.

Look out for further posts in this blog as we delve deeper into agile integration .

Please check the following link for a complete list of all agile integration related material.