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New in Aspera on Cloud November 2020

By KATHERINE CHARGIN posted Mon March 22, 2021 12:20 PM

Activity app.

Public Link Monitoring Enhancement for Packages App Transfers

This new feature enhances your ability to monitor transfer activity initiated by those using a public link in the Packages app. You have more clarity about which link is in use so you can manage the link appropriately.

The details panel for each Packages-based public link transfer event includes the URL token for both standard-form and short/personalized-form links. Having both tokens means that you can find and manage the link even if the Admin has reset the URL style since the link was issued. Both tokens refer to the same link, and you can find one token or the other as you manage public links in the Packages apps.

This feature is analogous to the monitoring capabilities for transfer activity using public links in the Files app.

File-Event Workflow Trigger Enhancements

This feature introduces a new file-event workflow trigger along with an enhancement to the existing file-event trigger. Together, these enhancements give you more trigger options and more control over the trigger options you choose.

You have been able set a workflow trigger step to activate when a new file is added to an existing node folder or workspace folder that you select. The enhancement gives you a new option to include file events in the sub-folders of the folder you select.

The new trigger allows you to set a trigger step to activate when a file or folder is deleted from an existing node folder or workspace folder. You also have the option to include deletions in top-level sub-folders as the workflow trigger.

For both file-event triggers, you can configure whether to launch the workflow for any file/folder event in the folder you select, or you can specify custom criteria (like name, size, or file type) that must be met to activate the trigger step.

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