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New in Aspera on Cloud January 2021

By KATHERINE CHARGIN posted Mon March 22, 2021 12:22 PM

Released on January 13, 2021 in the AoC Activity app

Enhanced Transfer Activity Data

The Transfers table in the Transfer activity page now provides additional data to help you track and analyze individual transfers and overall usage. The new data helps you troubleshoot transfer issues if they occur. And all this new information is included when you export a report.

This table has always provided, for each transfer, the event type and start date, along with the associated user, workspace, and node.

The existing Node column now provides the IP address along with the name of the node for each transfer. Two new columns indicate the direction and peer for each transfer. Together, the Node, Direction, and Peer columns provide key data for analyzing individual transfers. You have names and IP addresses of both endpoints for each transfer and know which direction (from the perspective of the node) the transfer flowed.

An additional new column reports the transfer status.

Share Your Automated Workflows.

You can now share your workflows with others, giving them permission to manage workflow jobs. The users you share with can view the workflow and can start, cancel, and delete jobs. A new email notification, when enabled by the admin, notifies each user you share with of their access to your workflow.

Notification Enhancements for Automated Workflows

Automation app builders have always been able to incorporate email notifications to interested individuals as action steps in a workflow. Similarly, you've been able to configure notifications to individuals about job status (start/fail/complete) for a given workflow.

This enhancement adds the ability to address groups in these notifications. AoC org admins can send notifications to any groups in the organization. Automation app users who are not org admins can send notifications to groups of which they are members.

Workflow Revision Tags

Each time you revise and activate a workflow, the workflow version increments. This UI enhancement presents users with a visual, numeric, version tag on both the Workflows page and the Job queue page.

The Workflows page always shows the latest version of the workflow. The Job queue page always shows the workflow as it existed at the time the job was run. This means that the workflow as you see it on the Job queue page may be an earlier version than the workflow you see on the Workflows page.

The new version tags make it easy to distinguish which version of the workflow you are viewing.

On the Workflows page, version tags display on all workflows listed. On the Job queue page, the version tag displays on all jobs launched after the release of this feature.