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Automating IBM MQ Installation and Configuration with MQ-Ansible

By Gabriel Marte Blanco posted Thu April 27, 2023 09:25 AM


We are introducing MQ Ansible, an automation tool!

The MQ Developer Experience team has been diligently working on diverse projects to ensure that your IBM MQ experience is enjoyable, resourceful, and, ultimately, the best possible interaction you could have with an MQ product. From the IBM MQ Messaging Playground launch to the introduction of MQ-Ansible, highlighted in this blog post, the team consistently prioritizes your experience above all else.

What is MQ-Ansible?

MQ-Ansible is an automation tool designed to streamline the deployment process of IBM MQ on your virtual machines (VMs). With MQ-Ansible, you can efficiently deploy queue managers to VMs, standardize QM configurations, and significantly reduce your deployment time.

In short, MQ-Ansible is a powerful tool that can cut your deployment time from 15-25+ minutes per machine to just 2-5 minutes per machine. If you are curious as to what MQ Ansible can accomplish for you, make sure to check the following two videos to learn more and get MQ-Ansible here

Intro to MQ-Ansible



Deep Dive into MQ-Ansible

You can get our open-source MQ Ansible tool by visiting the MQ-Ansible git page, where you will find everything you need to automate the deployment of your IBM MQ solution. 

Also, make sure to share feedback, issues, or product enhancements through our
ideas portal.