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REPLAY AVAILABLE: Third Thursdays: A Conversation Around IBM Products - MQ Ansible Live Technical Q&A

By Gabriel Marte Blanco posted Fri March 31, 2023 11:00 AM


Welcome to the latest recap of our monthly series, "Third Thursdays: A Conversation Around IBM Products." In this edition, we were thrilled to have Mohammed Atoum join us to delve into our latest open-source project, MQ-Ansible. This powerful tool is transforming IBM MQ deployment and DevOps practices, simplifying configuration management, and boosting efficiency. Read on to discover the key insights from our discussion, and don't forget to check out the recording to get more details and also hear some of the questions our participants asked the team.

MQ-Ansible: A Game-Changer for IBM MQ Deployment

During our conversation, Mohammed highlighted how MQ-Ansible is streamlining IBM MQ’s deployment by automating the process. This automation not only reduces manual errors but also accelerates deployment, allowing developers to focus on delivering value instead of configuring and managing IBM MQ installations across multiple VMs.

The Value of MQ-Ansible for Developers

MQ-Ansible's impact on developers is great.. By automating deployment and configuration tasks, developers can concentrate on writing code and delivering innovative solutions. This leads to increased productivity and satisfaction, as well as better utilization of resources.

Enhancing DevOps Practices with MQ-Ansible

Our discussion also touched upon the ways MQ-Ansible enhances DevOps practices. By simplifying the configuration management process, it helps teams embrace a more agile and collaborative approach. This improvement results in faster delivery of high-quality applications and better alignment between development and operations teams.


MQ-Ansible, while in its early stages, could be a game-changing tool that streamlines IBM MQ deployment, benefits developers, and fosters better DevOps practices. Our conversation with Mohammed Atoum shed light on its many advantages, making it a must-watch for anyone interested in learning how to become more efficient, or simply, just looking to contribute to the project Don't miss out on the insights shared during this session - access the recording today to learn more about MQ-Ansible's impact and how you could contribute to the project.

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