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The Finance Industry Chooses IBM DataPower

By Emmelina Bales posted Mon January 08, 2024 08:00 AM


When we think of the physical security protocols for a bank, we think of a robust,
strong security infrastructure. Strategies like having armed security officers, a large highly secure vault, hundreds of security cameras and bullet-proof trucks that move the physical assets perimeter to perimeter. As impressive as all of these measures sound, our digital standards are much higher than the physical security protocols. With thousands of additional security angles to protect, the financial industry must implement a software security strategy that is robust, yet lightweight and strong, yet flexible. This is why financial institutions choose Industry leader IBM DataPower time after time due to its strong commitment to security, integration, and performance.


The financial landscape is dramatically changing and putting increased pressure on security specialists. Although financial services are at the forefront of cybersecurity investments, their cost of data breaches was 37% higher than the global average in 2022. The global average cost of a data breach in 2023, was USD 4.45 million- which means companies in the financial sector paid even more. With this digital transformation driving complexity and risk, financial institutions turn to IBM DataPower to ensure safe and efficient flow of confidential customer data between multiple channels throughout the core banking platform.

Long standing institutions are confronted by unique challenges to build off of legacy or homegrown systems. These financial powerhouses require a robust
API infrastructure that needs to support high volumes of sensitive data routing. IBM DataPower acts as the backbone of API infrastructure through content-based message routing, security policy enforcement & data encryption. IBM DataPower enables financial institutions to meet compliance regulations with ease and eliminate network attacks.


As if security wasn’t a challenge enough, the actual implementation of these policies can be even more complex. Customers now expect swift, seamless online interactions that they can access anytime and anywhere. Less than 30 years ago, Stanford Federal Credit Union became the first financial institution to offer online banking to its members. Today,online and mobile banking are more popular than ever as secure online accessibility has become an essential part of the digital landscape. As the customer experience changed, companies needed to integrate these new services with existing, older architecture. Financial institutions are expected to support new data types while also supporting legacy systems,which leads to an abundance of complex custom code as a short term, ad-hoc solution. Financial institutions can leverage IBM DataPower for message routing, transformation logging and security eliminating the need for custom codes. IBM DataPower simplifies application interactions and enables clients to securely access banks’ services 24/7.


The finance industry often discusses the challenge of delivering high-speed performance without sacrificing security. IBM DataPower does not sacrifice either performance or security because it provides a robust and resilient infrastructure which is essential to process millions and millions of transactions. IBM DataPower continuously modernizes its gateway platform to deliver API Gateway services that provide cloud scale performance and industry-grade security. IBM DataPower leverages over 20 years of innovation and is battle-tested in mission-critical environments to provide the most resilient, feature-rich, performant, and secure gateway platform in the market.

IBM & Transactis

Software specialists are spread thin and have to do it all when it comes to managing an institutions online presence. IBM DataPower implements its security services around industry standards so partners can focus on what they do best. As standards progress, IBM DataPower provides updates to ensure that the platform remains compliant. Transactis, a major player in the payment and payment systems sector in France, partnered with IBM DataPower to securely managed digital payments so that Transactis could focus on growth without the growing pains. IBM DataPower managed a robust 146 million instant payments in 2022, enabling Transactis to grow and expand into new markets in Europe.
“This robust information system is calibrated to meet the demands of certain clients who wish to transition to instant payment systems in the near future. DataPower was the obvious choice given its reliability, functionality and proven ability to handle extremely large volumes” says Bertrand Rinié, CTO of Transactis. This is why over 400 financial institutions in over 20 countries use DataPower. Transactis said it best, IBM DataPower is the obvious choice throughout the finance industry through its strong commitment to security, integration, and performance.

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