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Aspera on Cloud - Integration with Irdeto for watermarking digital data

By Divya Koppolu posted Thu September 10, 2020 02:06 PM


Forensic watermarking protects the interests of content creators and copyright holders to detect illegal use and distribution of digital work and to identify people who engage in it. A forensic watermark can alert honest users when they have received illegitimate documents or programs.

You can now apply forensic watermarking to packages sent using Aspera on Cloud. By integrating your Irdeto watermarking service subscription with Aspera on Cloud, you can allow or require AoC workspace members to apply watermarking to digital assets sent and received using AoC. We now support AWS S3 and GCS cloud storage paltforms.

To configure watermarking in your organization, see Watermarking: Integrate Your Irdeto Service.  Once enabled, you can make watermarking required for every package sent from that workspace, or you can allow workspace members to choose whether to apply watermarking to individual packages they send. For the Packages app user procedure showing how senders can apply watermarking, see Sending Files and Folders.

For API reference information, go to API Hub: watermarking profiles and identities.