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Using IBM® App Connect to interact with BambooHR

By Deepak Ayilliath posted Thu September 21, 2023 02:48 PM


BambooHR is a Human Resources Information System (HRIS) that combines a range of HR features such as time tracking, payroll processing, employee engagement, employee satisfaction tools, and Applicant Tracking System (ATS) into a single system.

Building a flow in IBM App Connect with BambooHR

Use App Connect to build flows that integrate with BambooHR and other applications. The connector is displayed as BambooHR on the App Connect User Interface (UI). 

To allow App Connect to connect to your BambooHR account, fill in the connection fields you see on the App Connect Designer Catalog page or the flow editor page.

Supported authorization types:


For detailed information about different authorization types, connection fields, how to generate connection field values, and how to use the Templates gallery, see How to use IBM App Connect with BambooHR on the IBM Documentation page.

Supported objects in the BambooHR connector

Object Description
Employees Use this object to create, retrieve, update, and upsert employee data by specifying a set of fields.
Employee dependents Use this object to create, retrieve, update, and upsert employee dependents.
Benefit deduction types Use this object to retrieve information about the benefit deduction types.
Employee files Use this object to create, retrieve, update, and download employee files.
Custom reports Use this object to request one of your existing custom company reports.
Time tracking records Use this object to create and retrieve time-tracking records.
List fields Use this object to retrieve details for all list fields.


Use case scenario: Send an email notification on creating an employee in BambooHR

In this flow, when a new employee is added to BambooHR, the employee's detail is retrieved during specific intervals, and an email is sent to the selected employee containing the new employee's details.

BambooHR flow in detailed view

The following are the steps involved in the flow:

  1. In the event Scheduler node, specify a time schedule based on your requirement (choose how often you want to run the flow).
  2. Using the Retrieve employees operation, a list of employees is retrieved based on the previous event time set in the Scheduler node.
  3. For each employee received, a condition is set in the Retrieve employees 2 node to iterate over the list of employees and fetch employee details using Employee ID.
  4. An email notification is sent to the email address of the specified employee.

For example:

An email notification sent in Gmail for the newly created employee

Useful resources

You can view this template and other useful templates in the Templates gallery of your App Connect Designer instance.

Get started with a free IBM App Connect Enterprise as a Service trial for 30 days to try out all our templates, visit

If you are running a containerized instance of IBM App Connect, use the following URL to directly access the template:

  • Send an email notification on creating an employee in BambooHR: https://<your-instance-id>/templates/Send%20an%20email%20notification%20on%20creating%20an%20employee%20in%20BambooHR
  • Create a new form entry in Wufoo from BambooHR: https://<your-instance-id>/templates/Create%20a%20new%20form%20entry%20in%20Wufoo%20from%20BambooHR

            Note: Replace <your-instance-id> in the URL with your custom instance ID.

You must enable the Designer AI features in your containerized environment to access the App Connect templates. For more information, see The preloaded IBM App Connect templates.

You also have the option to import the .yaml file for this template directly into your App Connect Designer instance. These templates are available in a public GitHub repository.


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