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By Brian Wilson posted Tue May 09, 2023 12:07 PM


IBM MQ is an amazing product, that dominates its market, and that secretly keeps the world running behind the scenes. IBM MQ is a thirty-year-old product but is actually more important in today’s hybrid cloud world than it has been just handling reliable, once and only once delivery across disparate platforms over the years.

IBM MQ is platform agnostic, enterprise messaging middleware, that allows asynchronous, reliable messaging between applications running anywhere. It provides business critical communication, with flexible, reliable, and secured assured delivery. This can be used to provide assured messaging between applications on different cloud providers, and between cloud and on premise. Fragile networks between clouds can lead to a weak multi-cloud solution. IBM MQ can overcome fragile networks, enabling business critical data to be exchanged, by making messaging available within each environment to ensure local access.

Today, IBM MQ is as modern as any competitor, if not more so. Development uses a continuous delivery cycle to release new functionality for the product approximately every four months. IBM MQ can run on bare metal or virtual images on Windows, Linux x86, zLinux, AIX, z/OS, and HPE Nonstop. These virtual images can be on premise are on any cloud. We also offer a purpose-built IBM MQ Appliance, that is pre-tuned to run nothing but IBM MQ on very high performing hardware. The IBM MQ Appliance includes support for high-availability configurations and disaster recovery in the box.

IBM MQ can also run in containers, unmanaged or managed by Kubernetes, and in fact we have special support for RedHat OpenShift. We even offer an “as a service” IBM MQ on AWS, where IBM maintains and supports the infrastructure, so our customers only have to worry about creating and managing their MQ assets. We also offer an IBM MQ Advanced package, that includes the base IBM MQ product, but also includes additional offerings that build on top of IBM MQ, including one to provide a managed file transfer solution on MQ, encryption at rest, and support for telemetry transports.

IBM MQ is used across all industries, though arguably may have the most critical use cases in the banking and financial services markets. IBM MQ, for example, ensures your bank transfers, and indeed practically all trades that occur every day, complete without losing money. IBM MQ is used by an unbelievable 98 of the top global 100 banks. You will find IBM MQ in use at 85% of the fortune 100, and is used heavily in transportation, logistics, retail, insurance, telecommunication, healthcare, and more. For one major airline, for example, airplanes do not move, period, if IBM MQ is down. That is how critical IBM MQ is for our customers, and how its secure reliability has importance in everyday life.