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Integration server logs now emit metrics data

By Barry Dow posted Wed March 24, 2021 05:54 AM

In a recent update to IBM App Connect Enterprise on Cloud, metrics for memory and CPU usage now appear in the integration server logs. These log entries can help customers decide if the plan they are on is suitable, or if they need to increase or decrease the resources available to their integrations.
Every five minutes, a new log entry will appear with a message in the form;
 ‘Integration server CustomerDatabaseV1 usage: Memory 465/1024 MB (45%), CPU 0.06/0.5 cores (11%).
 This message summarizes the memory used out of the total memory available and displays it in MB and as a percentage, also summarized is the CPU used out of the CPU available, displayed in cores and as a percentage. The log entry can also be expanded to show the raw JSON data, as shown below:

Raw JSON metrics data

If an integration server runs out of memory, the server will be terminated and restarted. If an integration server runs out of CPU then the performance of its integration will degrade, leading to slower processing of data, etc.
Customers who have configured App Connect to send their logs to LogDNA will be able to set up alerts based on the JSON data from these log entries. 
Information on setting up logging with LogDNA can be found in the IBM Knowledge Centre.
Information on creating alerts in LogDNA can be found in the official LogDNA documentation.

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Thu April 15, 2021 07:34 PM

How do we turn this setting on private cp4I instance?