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IBM App Connect Enterprise in Cloud Pak for Integration on Z Platform

By Aparna Srinivasan posted Wed December 23, 2020 05:21 AM


Co Author: Arun Kumar (

How can you accelerate your organization's Digital Transformation needs to meet the opportunities and disruptions facing your market? The only best option was to leverage the assets on IBM Z to accelerate the Digital Transformation. So the decision was to support the Product on Z Platform. 
IBM App Connect Enterprise provides Universal Connectivity and transforms custom data format to target data format. App Connect Enterprise (ACE) works with any protocol including TCP/IP, MQ, REST API, CICS and IMS. It incorporates built in integration with Enterprise Information System.
The major benefit of ACE is that it develops Reusable Assets - once built, these can be deployed anywhere regardless of the Platform.

Scenario :
A customer is using Cloud Pak for Integration using the Platform Navigator UI and is leveraging the capability of App Connect Enterprise Designer. The customer has flows already running on X Platform extensively using Salesforce and other connectors. The customer would like to move to the IBM Z Platform and run the same list of flows in Z. 

ACE on Cloud Pak for Integration provides the capability of reusable assets so that the flows created on X Platform can be exported from the Designer Interface of X Platform and can be added as flows in the ACE dashboard for Z Platform. 

Figure 1: Export
already created and running flows from ACE Designer 

This will pop up a window to mention the export options. Select Runtime flow asset
(BAR) option.

Figure 2: Select an Integration Asset to

exported you can deploy the BAR file in the ACE Dashboard for Z.
Open the Platform Navigator for Z and create an instance for the App Connect Enterprise Dashboard.
Open the App Connect Enterprise Dashboard. 
Click on the 4th option BAR Files,

Figure 3: Import the
BAR file

Import the BAR File using
Import BAR to import the downloaded BAR File. You can import all the BAR Files together. 
Click on the Home icon and select Create a Server. -> Quick Start Designer Integration Click Next -> Select the correct BAR file from the drop down menu and proceed further.

Figure 4: Create the Integration Server 

Add the required
configuration in the next window and click on Next. 
Ensure all the details are correct in the YAML and also ensure the license is correct and accept it, click Create Integration Server. 

Figure 5:
YAML configuration for the Server

This will deploy the
BAR file into the ACE Integration Server and once deployed you can test the flow.

Figure 6: Integration Server started 

Ensure the Integration Server is started
. Clicking on the Integration Server enables the APIs to be invoked for testing the BAR file. 

Figure 7: Test the
BAR file 

Invoke the APIs and ensure the flow is working fine. 

Figure 8: Invoke GET call for REST API

App Connect Enterprise provides seamless migration of flows created from X to Z Platform.