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Tips on Installing IBM Event Streams on the Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform

By Aparna Srinivasan posted Mon December 21, 2020 12:37 AM

IBM Event Streams helps in deploying Production ready Apache Kafka on to Redhat Open Shift Cluster in minutes. IBM Event Streams deployment is production ready, Highly available and Secure. Each instance created is a Kafka Cluster. 
Event Streams is an operator-based release. The Event Streams operator uses the custom resources to deploy and manage the entire lifecycle of your Event Streams instances. 
  • To check the event stream install success
        oc get es -n <namespace>
         NAME       STATUS
     light-insecure  Ready
  • oc get es <name> -o yaml - This will help in verifying the authentication mechanism choosed.
  •  You will need to configure an external listener if you want to connect to the cluster from outside Open Shift Cluster.
   Choose external Access type to be Route
Right now created yaml for ES instance 
apiVersion: eventstreams.ibm.com/v1beta1
kind: EventStreams
  name: light-insecur_external
  namespace: aparna1
    internalTls: NONE
    accept: true
    use: CloudPakForIntegrationNonProduction
        inter.broker.protocol.version: '2.5'
        interceptor.class.names: com.ibm.eventstreams.interceptors.metrics.ProducerMetricsInterceptor
        log.message.format.version: '2.5'
        offsets.topic.replication.factor: 1
        transaction.state.log.min.isr: 1
        transaction.state.log.replication.factor: 1
      metrics: {}
        type: ephemeral
      replicas: 1
          type: route
        plain: {}
      metrics: {}
        type: ephemeral
      replicas: 1
  adminUI: {}
  restProducer: {}
  adminApi: {}
  collector: {}
  version: 10.0.0
      type: ephemeral
  • Create the secret in the namespace that will be used to deploy an instance of Event Streams. If you do not create the required secret, pods will fail to start with ImagePullBackOff errors
  •  If the operator is not shown under the Installed Operator, it is either not installed or not available for the selected namespace. Verify if Common Service is installed properly and all pods are running. 
  • To delete or reinstall, Delete any Event Streams instances that you created and Unsubscribe the operator. 
  • Ensure a storage is created, this is needed for Event Streams. 

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