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Wondering about Faspex 5? Here is an Overview Video.

By Anya Behn posted Sat March 04, 2023 12:00 AM


Have you been wondering about the oft-heard Faspex 5 software from IBM Aspera?

Well, here is an overview and demo of Faspex 5!

This video is an extract from a Webinar recorded in October 2022 with one of our business partners, PacGenesis.

Here Stephane Blanchard, Head of Aspera Engineering, provides a tour of the new Faspex 5 inbox-style file exchange and management features.

The overview includes demonstrations of the following:

  • Log in experience.
  • Package App overview and Transfer experience.
  • Send and Receive workflow.
  • Shared inboxes - Metadata and Relays.
  • Administration and Security
  • Server Health and Monitoring
  • Post Processing.


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