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Release Announcement: IBM Aspera Connect 4.2.4 & IBM Aspera Cargo 4.2.4

By Anya Behn posted Tue January 03, 2023 07:53 PM


Announcing the release of IBM Aspera Connect 4.2.4 and IBM Aspera Cargo 4.2.4 as of December 29, 2022.

IBM Aspera Connect and Cargo are the desktop clients that enable you to connect to the IBM Aspera servers to quickly transfer huge files.

Please see our IBM Aspera Client Support document  for more details.

Product Download & Release Notes:

IBM Aspera Connect 4.2.4 and IBM Aspera Cargo 4.2.4 are now available for download from Fix Central and Passport Advantage.

    • Customers can always download the latest version of Connect here (no login required): IBM Aspera Connect Landing Page  (

Release notes and Documentation are available here:

Make sure to select "Show all Table of Contents" to see all the documentation for these products.

Thank you for choosing Aspera for your Fast File Transfers!

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