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MQ for z/OS: MP16 Capacity planning and tuning guide refresh and a new home for old performance reports

By Anthony Sharkey posted Mon May 20, 2024 11:04 AM


The latest version of performance report MP16 (May 2024), also known as Capacity Planning and Tuning for IBM MQ for z/OS, is now available.

This report includes updates to:

  • Updated message selector performance.
  • TLS start channel performance on IBM z16.
  • Channel initiator task storage usage.
  • Removal of references to out-of-support MQ documents.
  • Queue manager restart time with deep indexed queues.

As one of the bullet points mentioned, part of this update was to remove links to performance reports for out of support MQ releases. Whilst the links have been removed, the performance reports do have a new home on the mqperf github repository: archived

This documents along with many other performance documents, including the archived reports can be found on the mqperf github repository.