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Automation Explorer is expanding with Event Automation Kafka Connectors available now!

By Annelise Morgan posted Thu August 10, 2023 10:01 AM


44 new Kafka connectors are now available in Automation Explorer here:!

As a reminder, Automation Explorer serves as a publicly accessible resource for discovering and understanding the connectors and pre-built automation templates available for use within our products. It also hosts our Connector Development Kit for creating and customizing connectors for individual use or sharing with the community.

These new Kafka Connectors represent the rapidly expanding collection of pre-built automation assets available to help users jumpstart their adoption of our iPaaS technologies and are specially designed to work within our new offering Event Automation.

These new Kafka Connectors include links to Install either the sink or source where applicable, as well as Support, Licensing & Community collaboration options to assist with adoption.

Accelerate your business’ ability to respond to the ever-growing amount of data and events produced daily to detect new trends or customer issues and proactively respond to competitive threats as they happen.

Take advantage of these new Kafka connectors to lay the foundation for an event-driven architecture for unlocking the value of events by getting started with these connectors in Event Automation today!

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