Instana Tech Intro Series (previously known as Instana Essentials)

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Starts:  Jun 26, 2024 10:00 AM (ET)
Ends:  Aug 28, 2024 11:00 PM (ET)

Welcome to the new Instana Tech Intro series. This series is aimed at new users of the product and is intended to help you get your Instana solution deployed quickly, efficiently and correctly so that as you continue on your Instana journey you know that you are following best practices and that you are set up to succeed.

This series will take the form of 8 of sessions,  each session focusing on a different topic with demos, technical presentation and time for Q&A. You can the topics covered in the table below . You can sign up for the entire series here. Or see the table below for individual links. 


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The Agent

During this session, you will learn:

Everything you need to know about the Instana Agent. 

How does it work, architecture, design, installation, and configuration options.

26th June 10am ET

The Back-end

During this session, we will show you:

Instana deployment options

Saas & Self-Hosted: differences

How to install your Self-Hosted Instana backend and best practices.

 3rd July 10am ET

Services and Endpoints

During this session, you will learn:

Our automatic discovery and how we trace and analyze every request.

What is a Service, what is an Endpoint, what we do OOTB, and what configuration possibilities are available for your specific environment.

10th July 10am ET

Application Perspectives

During this session, you will learn:

All about Application Perspectives: background, how to setup, what's their unique value and why Application Perspectives is a key differentiator.

31st July 10am ET


During this session, you will learn:

How we provide end-to-end context of Application and Infrastructure dependencies.

Explore our Context Guide, Release Markers, and how to navigate Instana to get immediate access to all dependent components when you are trying to understand dependencies, and what is impacted or causing impact within your environment.

7th August 10am ET


During this session, you will learn about:

Our approach to Alerting: Options, Smart Alerts, best practices, alerting Channels.

How Instana can help you get a curated set of alerts that are relevant to your team.

14th August 10am ET

Unbounded Analytics

During this session, you will learn:

Unbounded Analytics capabilities: how to slice and dice un-sampled data by drilling into the specific data combination you want to see and quickly identify an issue to fix it or share the relevant information with the teams that can fix it at the first sign of trouble.

Ask questions and get familiar with Instana features and capabilities to start your observability journey.

21st August 10am ET


During this session, we will talk about 

Our API, how to get data out of Instana, such as traces and metrics, manage configuration.

Walk through some specific use cases and review some integrations that use our API to extend our OOTB capabilities.

28th August 10am ET

We also have some additional stand-alone sessions planned in which we look at deeper topics such as Custom Dashbaords, Synthetics, and Business Monitoring. The recordings will be added below and they will be advertised separately.

In case you missed the session the recordings will be posted below for you to review. If you have questions based on the session you can post in the discussion forum on this site or email






Finally if you have any topics you would like to see covered you can comment in the comments below or get in touch at

About the Presenters

Wlodek Dymaczewski: Wlodek is a Senior Sales Enablement and Skills Content Specialist on the IBM Automation team covering the AIOps portfolio. He has over 25 years of IT experience in systems and network management. For almost 15 years, he worked as a pre-sales engineer and cloud architect, focusing on hybrid cloud management and DevOps solutions. Since 2018, he has been working in the area of sales enablement, developing and delivering courses worldwide. Wlodek holds an MSc from Poznan University of Technology, Poland, and an MBA from Warwick Business School, UK. He lives in Poland,is a published author of several Redbooks and was a presenter at multiple conferences around the world.

Ciaran Darcy: A digital CSM based in Dublin, Ciaran previously looked after MaaS360 and set up the Tech Intro series for them. As the “man in the chair” he will be monitoring the Q&A, making sure you have all the needed links and generally making the webinar run smoothly. Provided he hasn’t broken himself playing softball during the week!

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