Webinar: Instana Essentials 8 – Unbounded Analytics

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When:  Dec 6, 2023 from 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM (EET)


A free-of-charge technical enablement series to help you get started with Instana.

An 8-week enablement series to help you understand the fundamentals of Instana.

We will deliver one 1-hour session each week dedicated to a key learning area of the product. The sessions are designed in a way that you can drop in at any point into the curriculum. You can ask questions and get familiar with Instana's features and capabilities to start your observability journey.

During this session, you will learn all about our Unbounded Analytics capabilities: how to slice and dice unsampled data by drilling into the specific data combination you want to see and quickly identify an issue to fix it or share the relevant information with the teams that can fix it at the first sign of trouble.

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