Webinar: Instana Deep Dive on Bridging the Divide: Instana Observability for Distributed + z/OS App

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When:  Dec 19, 2023 from 01:00 PM to 02:00 PM (ET)


You're in the midst of modernizing your applications. Perhaps leveraging micro-services, beachhead cloud-native deployments, or orchestrating workloads in OpenShift. But your modernized, distributed applications still have to access CICS and IMS on the mainframe.  

Join us for this webcast to learn how Instana can deliver transactional visibility from the distributed side to CICS/IMS ensuring that: SREs can immediately understand the context for transactional latencies and Mainframe SMEs acquire that transactional context with which to begin deep troubleshooting.

This session will consist of a:

  • Technical overview of Instana (both distributed and z/OS) 
  • Demonstration of the solution in action

Key Speakers

Paul Jasek, Sr. Solution Architect, IBM Instana

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Michael Williams