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IBM Instana Observability Self-Hosted 1.0.239 Now Available

By PATRICK BUTLER posted Tue January 10, 2023 03:54 AM


IBM Instana Observability Self-Hosted releases a new version – version  1.0.239 – today, January 10, 2022.

This latest release delivers enhancements and additional coverage from what was delivered with version 1.0.237. In this release, you can directly use Instana packages for installation and deployment.  For detailed instructions, see the Instructions.pdf file, which you can download from Passport Advantage

Main features now available to IBM clients in the new release

Open Beta: Adaptive Thresholds in AP Smart Alerts

Smart Alerts for Application Perspectives is extended to support adaptive thresholds. In contrast to static thresholds, adaptive thresholds are thresholds that automatically adapt to seasonal changes of the underlying metrics that are observed by Instana. For more information, see Smart Alerts.

Open Beta: Analyze Infrastructure

Analyze Infrastructure provides an infrastructure-centric ad-hoc exploration solution that allows you to perform multivariate comparison of infrastructure entities in a concise table across various customizable key metrics. For more information, see Analyze Infrastructure.

ServiceNow Alerting Channel

A new alerting channel is added, which allows you to automatically create incidents in ServiceNow from Instana. For more information, see ServiceNow Alerting Channel.

Sensor new features and improvements

Amazon MQ

  • Added the support for RabbitMQ engine.

  • The maximum number of monitored queues and topics is increased from 100 to 165 for AmazonMQ engine.

Apache HTTPd Tracing for Windows

  • Instana supports tracing Apache HTTPd on Windows now. For more information, see Apache HTTPd docs.

AWS Lambda ES Modules support

  • The support for ES Modules is added in the layer version 223. A new handler instana-aws-lambda-auto-wrap-esm.handler is now available. For more information, see Instana AutoTrace setup. Furthermore, the NPM package instana-aws-lambda-auto-wrap is deprecated now.

IBM ACE Sensor

  • The support for high availability system with multi-instance/RDQM monitoring is added.

  • The hostname in the integration server identifier is changed to the Pod IP address in the cloud native environment.

  • Monitoring brokers with the same name on different hosts is supported. For related configuration changes, see Monitoring IBM App Connect Enterprise.

ACE Tracing

  • Added the ACE Tracing support for Windows.

  • The OpenSSL version is upgraded to 1.1.1s in the trace library.

  • Added the support for W3C trace context.

Db2 LUW Sensor

  • Fixed the problem that the host agent still discovers the Db2 process though the plugin is disabled.

IBM DataPower Tracing

  • Instana now supports tracing of IBM DataPower API Gateway in API Connect cluster. For more information, see Monitoring IBM API Connect.

IBM i OS Sensor:

  • Added the page fault rates as part of the time series graph.

  • Updated metrics fetching mechanism to improve the performance of the system.

IBM MQ Sensor

  • Added MQ queue statistics table in the queue dashboard.

  • Added Queue statistics metrics including Interval Start Time, Interval End Time, Persistent Put Bytes, Nonpersistent Put Bytes, Persistent Get Bytes, Nonpersistent Get Bytes, Expired Msg Count, Put Fail Count, Put1 Fail Count, and Get Fail Count.

  • The support for fully auto-discovery with local binding is added. For related configuration changes, see Monitoring IBM MQ.

  • Queue Type for queue metrics in the Dynamic Focus Query for defining event is supported.

  • Custom event with built-in queue statistics metrics is supported.

  • Fixed the parsing problem of the mqs.ini file when MQ tracing is enabled.

IBM MQ Tracing

  • Added the support for W3C trace context.

  • Added the support for Windows x86_64.

  • From IBM MQ Operator 2.2.0 (CD), IBM Instana MQ tracing is supported natively. Support is available in the IBM MQ queue manager container image (CD). To enable IBM Instana tracing, see Integrating with IBM Instana.

  • Upgraded the OpenSSL version to 1.1.1s in trace library.

  • Fixed the log file permission issue in the environment where both MQ and ACE are installed.

  • Moved the log files of IBM MQ tracing user exit to the directory /tmp/ibmmqtrace.

  • Removed the unexpected message headers from the messages to ACE system queues.

  • Fixed the issue of the unexpected API exit error (reason code 2374) in MQ error logs.

  • The span correlation problem with the ACE OpenTelemetry trace is fixed.

NGINX Tracing

  • Added support for NGINX 1.23.2, 1.23.1, 1.23.0, NGINX Plus R27, R26, and OpenResty

  • Dropped support for Amazon Linux 1 (end-of-life date: 31 Dec, 2020) with NGINX tracer 1.7.1 and later.

Node.js Tracing

  • Added tracing support for Prisma.

OpenStack: Add new metrics for instances and hypervisors

  • Added new metrics for instances and hypervisors.

  • Added flavor and image details for each OpenStack region.

PowerHMC: Adding support for Power9

  • Added the support for Power 9 and Denali P10 (FSP-based) systems.


  • Added the support for RabbitMQ 3.10.x and 3.11.x.

Other improvements

IBM Watson AIOps Webhook Integration Channel

  • The ability to insert custom HTTP headers into IBM Watson AIOps Webhook Integration Alert Channel is added.

Instana microservices application monitoring for VMware Tanzu

  • Added support for VMware Tanzu Application Service for VMs v2.13 and v3.0.

  • Added support for Tanzu Kubernetes Grid Integrated Edition v1.14 and v.1.15.

Custom Events

  • You can configure custom events by using multiple infrastructure metrics. For more information, see Custom Event docs.

Access Control

  • Added the group count of every user into the users list.

  • Added the logout functionality to the Access Denied error page.

For additional features, improvements, and fixes made to the enterprise observability platform and automated Application Performance Monitoring solution, see the release notes at 

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