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IBM Observability by Instana Version 1.0.219 Now Available

By PATRICK BUTLER posted Tue March 15, 2022 04:29 AM

IBM is pleased to announce that a new release of IBM Observability by Instana — version 1.0.219, for both on-premises and Software as a Service — is available as of March 15,  2022.

This latest release delivers enhancements and additional coverage from what was delivered with version 1.0.215, the previous release available through Passport Advantage. With this new release, customers will benefit from faster update cycles by using Instana packages directly. Customers will receive monthly updates from now on. For detailed instructions about how to get Instana distributed updates, see the Instructions.pdf file, which you can download from Passport Advantage. This  new release leverages prior investments in IBM middleware and brings visibility into the Observability platform. 

To help clients leverage more value, features already in the Instana offering are now side-by-side with new features proposed to extend the monitoring capabilities supporting IBM-specific items

Main features now available to IBM clients in the new release: 

Custom geographic details for websites and mobile apps
Custom geographic details is a new capability that allows the configuration of mapping rules from an IP address range to geographic details such as coordinates, city, and country. For more details about this new capability, see websites and mobile apps.

Configurable privacy rules for websites and mobile apps
For websites and mobile apps, it is now possible to anonymise IP addresses even further and to remove specific geographic details. The configuration options can be found within website and mobile app dashboard configuration tabs.

Redacting secrets from URLs for websites
Query parameters in collected URLs for websites might contain sensitive data. The JavaScript agent supports the specification of patterns for query parameter keys of which values shall be redacted. For more details about this new capability,  see the secrets API page.

Capture HTTP request and response headers for XMLHttpRequest or fetch requests in website monitoring
The JavaScript agent supports collection of HTTP request and response headers for XMLHttpRequest or fetch requests. For more details about the capability, see the captureHeaders API page.

Custom events view for mobile apps
Added a custom event view on the mobile app's dashboards to provide insights of our custom events system for the mobile app.

Display and filter by exception details for Serilog
For exceptions logged with Serilog, the exception type and message are now shown in Unbounded Analytics under Logs. It is also possible to filter by exception type and message.

Zookeeper zxid
The Zookeeper sensor now collects the transaction id (zxid) with its limit, and this field is also available for defining custom health events.

IdP Group Mapping
A new configuration page is added to set up Instana to automatically map users to certain Instana groups depending on the attributes set on the Identity Provider (IdP). The new IdP Group Mapping configuration can be accessed on the Authentication tab on settings. See the IdP Group Mapping documentation on how to set it up.

Top List widget allows websites and mobile apps as data source
Website beacons and mobile app beacons are available data sources for the top list widget on the custom dashboard.

Approximate data indicator for application monitoring and analysis
Sampling data indicators are not globally on the time ticker component now. Instead, they are reworked to be on widget or component level in the console, such as the KPI Card widget on Application Monitoring dashboards. For more information, see Approximate Data.

Cross-series SUM on custom dashboards for infrastructure
Custom dashboards for infrastructure are now capable of performing a cross-series SUM aggregation in addition to the existing cross-time aggregations.

Hazelcast IMDG
Added support for Hazelcast IMDG version 4. The last supported version is 4.2.4.

Additional imp
and fixes:

  • Envoy Tracer 1.5.0:
    • Envoy tracing is generally available
    • Added support for Envoy version 1.15 and later
    • Dropped support for Envoy version 1.13 and earlier
  • Go Tracer: 
    • Implemented W3C header tracestate limitations according to the specification.
    • Added new span type for a PostgreSQL v1.41.0.
    • Added new instrumentation for a pgx library instrumentation/instapgx/v0.0.2.
  • NGINX Tracer 1.4.0: 
    • Upgraded to OpenTracing C++ 1.6.0.
    • Upgraded to nginx-opentracing 0.22.1.
  • Couchbase Sensor: 
    • Improved processing of the following metrics: Active items resident in cache, Cache miss, Docs fragmentation.
  • Docker Sensor: 
    • Changed the throttling count metric source from periods to nr_throttled.
  • JBoss Sensor: 
    • Fixed getting socket-binding for instances not using standard-sockets.
  • IBM ACE Sensor:
    • Reduced entities by displaying flow nodes metrics with expandable table.
    • Fixed no warning message when connection is broken.
    • Fixed the false positive issue in remote monitoring.
    • Fixed the security issue CVE-2019-10202.
  • IBM Db2-LUW Sensor: 
    • Added Days since Last backup information as a KPI from mon-get-database.
    • Fixed the issue caused by tbsp_utilization which is deprecated. The deprecated table is replaced with the MON_GET_TABLESPACE.
    • Fixed the error OUT of CLI packages resources by adding the close statements when finished using them.
    • Addressed concurrent hashmap modification exception.
  • IBM i OS Sensor:
    • Added new metrics History Log to show top 20 messages from the history log based on user filters.
    • Added support for message queue events based on user input.
  • IBM MQ Sensor:
    • Supported monitoring two queue managers with the same name. 
    • Added Queue Depth Percentage, Open Input Count, Open Output Count metrics to Queue Table.
    • Updated Queue Usage Table name to Queue Usage by application to clarify difference with Queue Table.
    • Changed Publishers to Publications to be consistent with Subscriptions.
    • Removed Reset in Queue dashboard to avoid confusion.
    • Fixed not reset queue manager issue when connection is recovered.
    • Fixed monitoring MQ for z/OS issue.
  • IBM Power HMC Sensor: 
    • Added support for following metrics:
      • Processor, memory and network metrics for managed systems.
      • Processor and memory metrics for hypervisors.
      • Processor, memory, network and storage metrics for LPARs and VIOSes.
    • Added support for energy monitoring for power consumption data of managed systems.
    • Added support for management of critical events from managed systems and HMC consoles.
  • IBM Z HMC Sensor:
    • Added new metric groups like Network interface metric group for DPM mode and RoCE adapters for Classic mode.
    • Added support for critical events to be sent from HMCs and CPCs to Instana for processing.
  • MSIIS Sensor: 
    • ContextRoots are added to website and paired to website name on backend in order to have separate service names visible for different calls under the same application pool.
  • RabbitMQ Sensor
    • Fixed the processing data issue that prevents the dashboard from being displayed is now resolved.
  • SpringBoot Sensor
    • Fixed false-positive changes on Java configuration.
  • WebLogic Sensor: 
    • The Health state code is extended with a description in the UI and the built-in event.
  • Zookeeper Sensor
    • Improved detection of a new role in case of leader election in Zookeeper cluster.
  • Azure Queue Endpoint Name: 
    • Changed the name of Azure Queue Endpoint to Queue name.
  • Custom Payload in Alerts: 
    • Added static custom payload values in alert notifications.
  • Logging: 
    • You can share logs with other users through links if you have the permission to access logs.
    • Toggle state of log lines is now preserved when filters or groupings are applied.
  • API: 
    • The maximum time window accepted by analyze queries is increased from 30 to 31 days.
  • Access Log: 
    • Failed login attempts from Instana provided login functionality are now shown in the Access Log.
  • Integration with IBM Monitoring products:
    • Added features in the IBM Monitoring Instana Integration Service:
      • Enabled IBM APM V8 agents to connect to Instana using the IBM Monitoring Instana Integration Service.
      • Added support of Kubernetes 1.22 (Red Hat OpenShift 4.9, MicroK8s 1.23).
      • Added support of https ingress on Red Hat OpenShift
      • Added support for IBM ACE(IIB) agent (Technology Preview)
      • Added support for IBM MQ agent (Technology Preview)
  • With the new Analyze Beacons button in the trace view you can easily find all EUM beacons which are correlated to the given trace.
  • Extended application monitoring metrics retention from last 7 days to last 31 days. You can now see 100% accurate metrics on Application, Service and Endpoint dashboards up to last 31 days
  • Fixed monitoring Issue for Agents running with the vulnerable Log4j library
  • Case insensitive ordering is applied in several places in the product, such as the list of websites, mobile apps and applications.
Additional features, improvements, and fixes made to the enterprise observability platform and automated Application Performance Monitoring solution since the 215 release: 

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