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IBM Observability by Instana Version 1.0.215 Now Available

By PATRICK BUTLER posted Fri December 17, 2021 01:20 AM

IBM is pleased to announce that a new release of IBM Observability by Instana — version 1.0.215, for both on-premises and Software as a Service — is available as of December 17,  2021.

*** IMPORTANCE NOTICE: Regarding log4j vulnerability, this release has been fully remediated against this threat ***

This release expands the coverage of the IBM Observability by Instana, an observability platform and automated Application Performance Monitoring (APM) solution designed specifically for the challenges of managing microservices and cloud-native applications. This latest release delivers enhancements and additional coverage from what was delivered with version 1.0.209 for traditional IBM clients. This new release leverages prior investments in IBM middleware and brings visibility into the observability platform. 
To help clients to get more value, features already in the Instana offering are now side-by-side with new features proposed to extend the monitoring capabilities supporting IBM-specific items. Here are some examples:
Features previously in technology preview now generally available (GA)

The following features which were previously in technology preview are now generally available (GA) in Version 1.0.215. 

Apache HTTPd Tracing

Improvements in the GA version include:

    • Support for Apache 2.2.30 or higher on Linux x86_64
    • Support for IBM HTTP Server or higher on Linux x86_64
    • Apache HTTPd tracing span correlation to infrastructure
    • Support service filter with HTTPd technology
    • Revised module download link.
For more information, see the Apache HTTPd docs.

IBM ACE Tracing

Improvements in the GA version include:
    • Improved tracing performance
    • Added support for linking calls to IBM ACE to the infrastructure entity
    • Support display error information on tracing UI.
For more information, see the IBM ACE docs.

IBM Tivoli Monitoring V6 Integration

Improvements in the GA version include:

    • Support for air-gapped deployment
    • Support for High Availability deployment
    • Script to get the configuration package to apply to the agents
For more information, see Integrating with IBM ITM V6 .

Other new features and enhancements

Azure Queue Storage Tracing 
Instana now supports Azure Queue Storage tracing for .NET/.NET Core. 

    • Gain visibility into Azure Queue interactions
    • Automatically link the related Storage accounts for full context and infrastructure insights

Golang Sensor enhancements

    • Improved discovery process. It is faster and reliable for containerized applications.
    • New version released v1.38.0. Increased the timeout for announcing calls to the agent to reduce the number of attempts needed during the startup time.

HCL Domino 
Instana now supports monitoring HCL Domino instances running on Linux. HCL Domino processes will be automatically discovered and displayed as a running process on the host. The Domino sensor collects all metrics provided by HCL Domino, or a subset of metrics if configured with a regex.

IBM ACE Sensor enhancements

    • Added thread utilization metric and built-in event for message flow.
    • Added thread utilization for each message flow in the message flows table.
    • Improved performance for large scale environment.

IBM DataPower Sensor

    • Improved performance when monitoring multiple DataPower appliances.

IBM Db2 LUW Sensor

    • Support for multi instance and multi db for remote monitoring.
    • Support for health checks on Db2 server connectivity.
    • Support for Last Take over Time metrics on Primary HADR connection ( V11.5.2 and later).
    • Descriptive label definition for individual db connections.
    • Added support for Db2 version 10.5.

IBM MQ Sensor enhancements

    • Added MQ Subscriptions table and related metrics dashboard.
    • Added built-in events for Channel Initiator Status and Publish/Subscribe Engine Status.
    • Added support for collecting all MQ event messages Event message descriptions from IBM MQ.
    • Added support for reporting a subset of events as Instana events including Bridge stopped, Channel conversion error, Channel SSL Error, Queue Service Interval High.
    • Fixed the negative data problem due to overflow.
    • Fixed connection status not reset issue.

IBM MQ monitoring for new IBM Platforms:
      • Remote Monitoring for MQ on IBM i OS Platform
      • Local Monitoring for MQ on Openshift Cluster (s390x)

    Runtimes Supported on Z (s390x) Arch:

      • Mongo DB V4.2.0, V4.4.0 for host level and V4.4.6 for Openshift cluster supported as local monitoring  
      • WASND V9.0.5.1 supported as local monitoring for both Host level as well as Openshift cluster
      • PostgreSQL V14.0 supported as local monitoring for both Host level and Openshift cluster
      • IBM MQ supported as Local Monitoring only for Openshift (Containerised) 

    IBM MQ Tracing

      • Fixed incorrect operation name in certain cases.
      • Added error info to IBM MQ tracing span if the complete code is not zero.

    IBM WebSphere AS sensor

      • Added Windows support. 

    IBM Z HMC monitoring 

      • Instana now supports remote monitoring of zHMC as a platform. This includes a built-in dashboard that displays key metrics. For more information, see IBM Z HMC docs.

    IBM i OS Sensor enhancements 
        • Added new metrics, and Message Queue: Top 20 messages from the Message Queue based on User Filters.

      Website monitoring enhancements

        • Capturing the start time of user timing marks as custom event durations.
        • Fixed the wrong page information associated with error beacons.


        • Added support for controlling access to logs via Role Based Access Control (RBAC). In the trace detail view under Permissions, Access of logs is renamed to Access to Logs to reflect this change.

      Nomad Sensor

        • Enabled TLS support with zero configuration, and the sensor reads the certificates from the config all by itself.

      Elasticsearch Sensor

        • Added support for Elasticsearch 7.15.
      Technology preview features

      The following features are released as technology preview, which gives users early views of the capabilities we intend to deliver in future releases. We look forward to your feedback to make sure we are meeting your needs and addressing the challenges you need to tackle.

      Alibaba Cloud platform monitoring support (Technology Preview)

        • Support for Alibaba Cloud RocketMQ service monitoring
        • Support for Alibaba Cloud Apsara RDS MySQL service monitoring

      IBM Power HMC monitoring (Technology Preview)

      BM Power HMC Sensor support in Instana is technology preview to showcase the remote monitoring of Power HMC as a platform. This includes a built-in dashboard that displays key metrics. For more information, see IBM Power HMC docs.
      Additional features, improvements, and fixes were made to the enterprise observability platform and automated Application Performance Monitoring solution since the 209 release: 

      For more Information