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Using the SCAPM UI 7.7 Management Console to View TEPS Agents Data

By Noel Lewis posted Mon September 03, 2018 12:00 AM


If you're looking for an alternate console for viewing your Agents data connected to your TEPS, you may consider using the Smart Cloud Application Performance Monitoring User Interface (SCAPM UI) v7.7.  

You can choose to install the SCAPM UI 7.7 product on your TEPS server itself or any other other supported-OS server in your environment and create a Data Provider to connect to either your local or remote TEPS.  Once connected, you will be available to view Agents data on your SCAPM UI 7.7 dashboard.  Some other benefits are:

  • customizable dashboard for the SCAPM, ITM and ITCAM family of products
  • provides a singluar Application-oriented view of the health of your environment
  • provides Role-based access control of various operations using various User privileges
  •  - for example, a Line of Business manager can have different access privileges than a developer who might have a different user role defined.
  • iPad (mobile) support is available
  • Customizable dashboards for the ITCAM for MS, Exchange 2013 Server, .NET Framework and other agents
  • Deep dive application performance analysis

Please see the documentation link here for more information including the installation and configuration process and user scenarios.  The installation process is fairly easy and includes use of the standard Installation Manager.  If you would like to download and use SCAPM UI 7.7 with your existing TEPS, you can search for the part number CRQU0ML or search for "IBM SmartCloud Application Performance Management" on IBM Passport Advantage.  Download the version that is applicable for your specific OS and install.  On the TEPS side, the only change that needs to be done is to enable the ITM Data Provider Settings in the KFWENV (Windows) file.  The parameter is KD8_ITM_REST_SERVICE and should be set to Y (default = N).  Restart your TEPS after making this change, this will allow your SCAPM UI 7.7 data provider to connect to your TEPS.

Good luck.

Noel Lewis

ITCAM / APM L2 Support team