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  • Meet IBM Z Xplore - New Learning Platform

    The IBM Z Xplore learning platform is a no-charge educational experience that is available year-round with content continuously being added throughout the year.

    The platform has three levels; fundamentals, concepts, and advanced. Learners will need to complete the challenges within each level in order to progress. Each level features a variety of education styles including videos, quizzes, reading materials, and hands-on exercises.

    The platform will also automatically issue Credily badges to learners once they have completed the Concepts and Advanced levels.

    Introduction to coding languages such as JCL, Python and USS.
    Learning about Data Sets and VS Code filters.
    Approximately ~8 hours to complete

    A deeper look into subsystems such as Db2 and RACF. Expanding knowledge on security, uptime, and enterprise scalability.
    Approximately ~2 hours to complete
    Opportunity to complete the
    IBM Z Practicioner Badge if interested ~40 hours

    Hands-on learning around REXX, COBOL, Linux, VSAM, REGEX, JCL, Python, Db2 and more.
    Approximately ~10 to 20 hours to complete

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