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IBM Open Enterprise SDK for Go 1.20 is now available!


Happy to announce that IBM Open Enterprise SDK for Go 1.20 is now available to not only allow Go on z/OS users to stay current with the open-source community, but also to better align with how the community provides support for its releases using semantic versioning (blog). This release also brings a powerful porting tool in Wharf that enables easy porting of popular Go packages to z/OS.

IBM Open Enterprise SDK for Go 1.20 contains several improvements that can help developers of applications written in Go such as language changes, tool improvements, standard library additions, and improved performance. In addition, here are some exciting feature highlights available with this release:

Wharf porting tool - video

Newly available is an efficient automated porting tool, named Wharf, that can significantly simplify your porting efforts of Go modules to run in the z/OS environment. While there are many modules written in the Go programming language most of these are written for other common platforms such as Linux on x86. Unfortunately, many Go modules developed on Linux cannot be compiled to run on z/OS. For example, some files often contain "build tags" that limit the platforms that the file can be built on, and very few modules include a specific “zos" build tag. A lack of build tags can result in undefined constants and functions. This, along with other platform-specific pain points, led to the creation of this automatic porting tool. This very helpful tool can be found at the IBM z/OS Open Tools github site.

Killer Crypto in Go on z/OS - blog

Want to exchange public messages securely and efficiently?

New with IBM Open Enterprise SDK for Go 1.20 is a package devoted to making easy use of elliptic-curve Diffie-Hellman key exchange: crypto/ECDH.

GraphQL APIs with Go on z/OS - blog

Other than the more structured gRPC framework for APIs orchestration, there is another modern API design in GraphQL that is a suitable alternative to REST. Check out the blog to learn how you can leverage GraphQL APIs with Go on z/OS!

For more details on the newly-introduced features, see What's new. Download the latest Go release today!

How to obtain IBM Open Enterprise SDK for Go?

IBM Open Enterprise SDK for Go is available for zero license charge through Shopz (5655-GOZ) SMP/E, or you can download the PAX here. Optional world-class IBM Software Subscription and Support is available with your order through Shopz (5655-GOS).

Supporting Links:

IBM Open Enterprise SDK for Go product page

For additional information on installation, troubleshooting and packages included in this offering please visit the IBM Documentation.