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Semantic versioning for Go on z/OS

By James Tang posted 4 days ago


*Starting IBM Open Enterprise SDK for Go 1.20, semantic versioning model (MAJOR.MINOR.PATCH) is used to better align with how the Go community provides support for its releases.

Semantic versioning

IBM Open Enterprise SDK for Go supports the continuous delivery (CD) 2+1 support life cycle policy, i.e. minimum 2 years of standard support, with another 1 year of optional support extension. This product is based on an open-source implementation from the Go community and as of this release will use semantic versioning in association with its CD life cycle policy. With semantic versioning, the release versioning of IBM Open Enterprise SDK for Go contains the three components (MAJOR.MINOR.PATCH):

  • MAJOR is incremented for a major function update and additional API changes may be included. This indicates a new 2+1 support life cycle.

  • MINOR is incremented for CD update packages and do not restart 2+1 support life cycle. CD updates include new releases from the Go open-source community which are currently delivered every 6 months. Starting with IBM Open Enterprise SDK for Go 1.20, subsequent MINOR digit updates are considered CD updates. As such there are no withdrawal from service announcements made on these MINOR releases. Clients are expected to upgrade to the latest MINOR release.

  • PATCH is incremented when only bug fixes are included and also does not restart the 2+1 support lifecycle.

Semantic versioning aligns with the current 6-month release cadence of the Go open-source community where only the n (current release) and n-1 (previous release) are supported for fixes. Keeping current to the Go open-source community releases allows you to obtain the latest in bug fixes and security updates while also obtaining the latest in Go functionality.

How to obtain IBM Open Enterprise SDK for Go?

IBM Open Enterprise SDK for Go is available for zero license charge through Shopz (5655-GOZ) SMP/E, or you can download the PAX here. Optional world-class IBM Software Subscription and Support is available with your order through Shopz (5655-GOS).

Supporting Links:

IBM Open Enterprise SDK for Go product page

For additional information on installation, troubleshooting and packages included in this offering please visit the IBM Documentation.