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My favourite z/OS commands

By Colin Paice posted Mon July 06, 2020 11:56 AM

I've written a couple of blogs which people may find interesting.
  • My favourite z/OS commands.   This covers the commands I used in my z/OS work, but didn't use every day.  Every sysprog should be familiar with most of them.
  • Setting up z/OS for the first time.  For example how to use screens bigger than 80*24.  How to set up the OMVS escape key.
  • Backups what,how, when, whoops.  This was aimed at the people who use the self contained z/OS system running on their x86 machines.
After I retired from IBM where I worked with MQ on z/OS,  I've got a z/PDT system with z/OS running on my Ubuntu laptop.  Pretty cool eh!
I am working blogging how to set RACF for the Liberty Web Browser - specifically for the MQ Web browser.

I am thinking of blogging about my customer visits where I did health checks and some of their stories
  • The customer who had a main site, and a backup site in California.   Both on the San Andreas fault line.  So if there was an earth quake....
  • The customer who paid for two totally independent networks between sites.   Who found they both went along the same bit of optical fibre in the "national backbone".