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Shopz Enhanced for Faster Ordering of IBM Open Source Distributions


Two popular attributes of open source software are the code is easy to acquire and at no cost. For z/OS customers, there are likely three additional considerations.

  • First, enterprise customers need to obtain the software from a trusted download site. Enterprise security policy may not allow download from just any site and there might even be connectivity restrictions to new or unknown web sites.
  • Second, customers need the software in a format consistent with their well-established z/OS software install processes. For most z/OS customers this means SMP/E format[1] . SMP/E has the power to not only install software but to remove updates in case of errors.
  • Third, enterprise customers likely want support for open source software but not necessarily at the time of the initial download of the code.

 With these considerations in mind, as of June 10th, 2022, IBM has streamlined the Shopz ordering process for popular z/OS open source distributions. This includes:

This overview will explain the Shopz enhancements, point out when the traditional ordering process might still be required. For the sake of brevity, the streamlined process for ordering is described and familiarity with Shopz is assumed.

First is to have a valid Shopz account and to sign on. If you do not have Shopz account you can register.  Having a Shopz account allows you to establish an identity for placing software orders that are used to contact you when the software is ready for download. Once on Shopz, go to “My orders” and “Create new order”. Select the new radio button of “z/OS Open Source SW on z/OS” and Continue. Note: this streamlined ordering process is for CBPDO orders only today.  Serverpac and Portable Software Instance is also possible but outside the scope of this article.

The popular open source offering for z/OS are displayed. Select one or more offerings and ”Submit”.

Note – there will be an informational message provided after selecting the products you wish to order that indicates you web session is being passed to a different IBM server. This allows the streamlined processing of you order. You should agree to continue. Information is passed to the additional server that is transparently used to complete your order when you complete your request.

Selecting one or more of the above open source offerings will next provide two options for each selection: one to simply order the software and have it fulfilled by the standard Shopz processes. The  second, to request a price quote for IBM support. See the following screen capture as an example, displaying IBM Open Enterprise SDK for Go, and IBM Open Enterprise SDK for Python. You may select just the software or both the software and request a price quote for support. Requesting support will notify an IBM sales representative in your geography that will work with you to get the specifics of your environment. Support price depends on your environment. You will be contacted via email to start the process.

 Note – The price for support depends on several factors to be considered – such as any pricing agreements already in place with IBM. The price for support may depend on the accumulated size (in MSUs or VUs) of the Logical Partitions (LPARs) where you plan to run the open source software.  It will speed the price quote process to be prepared to describe what LPARs you want open source support in your environment.

 You can order the software and use it without charge wherever you choose for as long as you wish. However, realize without purchased support you are not entitled to IBM defect support. Meaning you are not entitled to report a problem to IBM without paid support. You can – at a later date – contact IBM for a price quote for support and make a purchase decision. Also note – updates to the IBM supplied open source are available via the Shopz PTF ordering process with no charge. Often this is referred to as Subscription for typical IBM software. For IBM open software offerings Subscription for updates are entitled – as the various open communities provide updates, those updates are made available by IBM.


See the links below for additional ordering considerations depending upon the specific open source offering 

 In summary, IBM offers popular open source for z/OS at no charge with optional, fee-based support when and if your enterprise needs support. Updates to the open source is also made available. Both the software and updates, use the well-established Shopz ordering and fulfillment process. In all cases from Shopz, the software package format is SMP/E using CBPDO option in Shopz. There is Serverpac support and Portal Software Instance format available. These are advanced topics for a future blog.


Zowe™is a trademark of the Linux Foundation.

[1] Note: There is a new software format, Portable Software Instance (PSWI) being adopted by z/OS customers. For this article we will discuss SMP/E as the most prevalent format today. Also, pax format is also provide on download sites other than Shopz for some open source for quick and easy installs where the backoff of software updates is not needed.