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Correlating z/OS Connect EE APIs with CICS Transactions using OMEGAMON for JVM and OMEGAMON for CICS

A much-valued feature of IBM Z OMEGAMON for JVM, V550 is z/OS Connect EE API monitoring and its ability to identify the backend service provider application; transaction and/or program name. Using an OMEGAMON-supplied interceptor, every API call made to z/OS Connect EE is recorded in a z/OS log...

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IBM Z OMEGAMON for JVM, V550 – Now Without Health Center

Since its inception in 2016, IBM® Z® OMEGAMON® for JVM has leveraged the Java TM tools component Health Center agent as a source of monitoring data. Health Center is an excellent diagnostic and performance analysis tool in its own right. When used with the Eclipse framework plugin it provides...

IBM Webinar: Just how do APIs work? Modernizing applications on IBM Z with z/OS Connect EE

Your developers demand APIs, yet struggle to provide API access to core business services on IBM Z. How can you provide the right path with consumable interfaces to your core business logic. Learn more in this upcoming IBM webinar where we will show you : • How RESTful APIs provide...

 Tue August 03, 2021 | 09:00 AM - 10:00 AM PT

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Try IBM® Z OMEGAMON® for JVM for FREE with the IBM Z software trials program

Learn about how to monitor online Java™ workloads on z/OS in a live IBM hosted environment without installing or incurring any costs. That’s right, all you need to do is register using your IBM ID and follow the email instructions to access a remote user session - and away you go. The Z...

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IBM Z Software Newsletters for 2020

The IBM Z Software newsletter are mailed for the subscribed users, and the following (monthly) cadence Application Developers, System Programmers and Enterprise Architects (January, April, July and October) Developers and Architects (February, May, August and November) ...

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z/OS Connectを使ってみよう 〜 Wildfireワークショップ 〜 世界中で開催されている当ワークショップで z/OS Connect を体験してみませんか? Wildfireワークショップとは? 実際に製品を体験し、実装や製品の技術的な部分を理解することにより、自社の環境や業務アプリケーションにおける活用や実装の可能性を、具体的に想像し検討する最初の一歩としていただくことを目的としたワークショップです。 z/OS ConnectのWildfireワークショップでは・・・ z/OS Connectは...

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