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IBM Cloud for Telecommunications – A Cloud Tailored for Telcos

Today, IBM is announcing IBM Cloud for Telecommunications the first high-trust, unified architecture addressing the fundamental transformation challenges that face telcos. Telecommunication operators are under pressure to simultaneously deliver enhanced digital experiences, while modernizing...

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Distributed Cloud vs. Hybrid Cloud vs. Multicloud vs. Edge Computing (Part 2)

by Sai Vennam, IBM Technical Offering Manager Part two of a two-part series examining these important cloud computing architectures. My previous post described the differences between the following cloud environments: Hybrid cloud Multicloud Distributed cloud In general,...

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Distributed cloud vs hybrid cloud vs multi cloud vs edge computing (Part 1)

by Sai Vennam, IBM Developer Advocate Part one of a two-part series examining these important cloud computing architectures. As a technical offering manager with IBM Cloud, I find that it helps to establish common-ground with customers by understanding where they are in their cloud...

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Modern Data Protection for Your Multicloud Enterprise

“Hybrid cloud computing environments… represent the future for deploying IT solutions,” states Steve Scully, Senior Analyst at Evaluator Group . 1 A recent study by the Evaluator Group revealed that the predominate hybrid cloud use case was disaster recovery / business resilience, including...

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Customers in Charge: Cloud and On-premises Deployment Options Fully Supported

I was recently asked about the significance of IBM Cognos Analytics’ multiple deployment options. The simple answer is that we are committed to meeting customers where they are today. Customers can deploy on-premises, on the cloud, as well as on private cloud options through Pure Systems. In...

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