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Datacap Insight Edition Frequently Asked Questions

Here' a helpful FAQ about Datacap Insight Edition #IBMDatacap #documentimaging #opticalcharacterrecognition(OCR) #capture

Datacap FAQ.pdf

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IBM FileNet Capture Frequently Asked Questions

The IBM FileNet Capture team put together this terrific FAQ: #capture #documentimaging #scanning

FileNet_Capture FAQ.pdf

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Unicode Characters in my datetime Windows Event string?

Hello, I'm trying to figure out how to parse Windows Event Security Log date time stamps that come from the QID 5000826 "Success Audit: The system time was changed". Log Example: <13>Nov 01 15:28:54 COMPUTER AgentDevice=WindowsLog AgentLogFile=Security PluginVersion=

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North Dakota Presentation at Think 2018

Chuck Picard told the Shared Services story as it is practiced in North Dakota. There's lots to learn about how the state manages content across its many agencies. #think #FileNet #enterprisecontentmanagement #content #capture

IBM Think 2018 Presentation_ND.pdf