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Getting more from your migration data

In recent migration blogs from this community, you have learned what the Migration Toolkit for Application Binaries ' (binary scanner) analysis report , inventory report , and evaluation report can teach you about your applications. We peel the layers of your applications to reveal exactly...

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Community Highlights - 31 March 2021 - Topics include MicroProfile, Hybrid, and What's new in app transformation

Take 10 minutes and provide your feedback in our annual community survey: Call for Code Global Challenge: Events & Webinars coming up: App Transformers (Tuesdays twice a month): http:...

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IBM Cloud Foundry Migration Runtime: Getting Started

Overview I BM has been involved with the Cloud Foundry community since the early days. And we run the world ' s largest cloud foundry environment via our Public Cloud , so our knowledge can be of benefit as we help clients look forward to the use of new tools and technologies in the ...

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Add Mono2Micro to your Java Modernization toolbox to transform your Enterprise with WebSphere

Application Modernization is often seen as an essential element of Digital Transformation initiatives. Java has been a mainstay of traditional Enterprise applications and understanding how to evolve applications built on WebSphere and other Application Servers is essential to keeping complexity...

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Deploy apps to hybrid cloud with WebSphere Hybrid Edition

In January 2021 IBM launched WebSphere Hybrid Edition that optimizes the licensing of WebSphere runtimes to maximize flexibility, as well as packaging the latest modernization tools to help you optimize deployment of applications for hybrid cloud. If you haven’t had a chance to look into the...

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