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Enabling and monitoring Nvidia GPUs on Openshift 4 for AI workloads - a step by step guide

In order to use Nvidia GPUs in an Openshift 4 cluster on worker nodes, you need to deploy the Special Resource Operator. There are some prerequisites that must be met before the operator can be installed correctly. Disable nouveau (RHEL worker node only) If your worker nodes are RHEL76 or...

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How to set up a remote cluster with IBM Spectrum Scale - steps, limitations and troubleshooting

In this blog entry I will present how to set up a sample remote cluster, show common configuration errors and solutions for them. Steps to enable a dedicated high speed network for GPFS daemon communication will be covered as well. This would provide very efficient storage access to locally...

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IBM Spectrum Scale Erasure Code Edition (ECE): Installation Demonstration

IBM Spectrum Scale Erasure Code Edition (ECE) is a high performance scale-out storage for commodity servers. It’s a new software edition of IBM Spectrum Scale family. The first version was released in June 2019 to bring customers the enterprise storage based on commodity servers. ECE provides...

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Introducing IBM Spectrum Scale Erasure Code Edition

1. Overview of IBM Spectrum Scale Erasure Code Edition [caption id="attachment 8490" align="alignright" width="574"] Figure 1. High Performance Scale-out Storage with IBM Spectrum Scale Erasure Code Edition [/caption] IBM Spectrum Scale Erasure Code Edition (ECE) is a high...

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Upgrading IBM Spectrum Scale sync replication / stretch cluster setup in PureApp

Use case : In a GPFS stretch cluster / GPFS synchronous mirroring setup (which consist of 2 sites with 3rd site as tie breaker) with shared storage deployment model ( block based storage at the backend) one is required to upgrade the setup due to EOL or other issues in a typical IBM PureApp...

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7 traits to use Spectrum Scale to run container workload

Recently, IBM Spectrum Scale has added a new feather in the cap "Persistent Storage for Containers ". It clearly means that customer can build their containerized IT environments with Spectrum Scale storage systems as opposed to buying new products. And the end result is that stateful...

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Migrating data from native HDFS to IBM Spectrum Scale based shared storage

Data is growing exponentially. IBM Spectrum Scale and IBM Spectrum Scale Elastic Server is an enterprise solution that is able to ingest and manipulate data seamlessly under one namespace for existing workloads and new workloads like Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine learning. This...

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