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Webinar TS7700 Systems and zOS - Two Partners Better Together!

Are you relatively new to operating or supporting your organization’s TS7700 systems? Has it been an extended period of time since you looked at how your z/OS and TS7700 systems work together? Then this webinar will be valuable to you. While the TS7700 systems continue to support the z/TPF, z/VM...

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Innovation and synergy with IBM Storage for IBM Z and LinuxONE

Read Eric Herzog's blog on April 14th Storage for Z announcement #TS7700 #tape #virtualtape #HighAvailabilityDisasterRecovery

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Webinar Introducting TS7700 Enterprise functionality in 19' customed rack

The TS7770 Rack Mount model provides organizations with World Class capacity and performance options as well as end-to-end encryption functionality to address today's data security requirements. Starting with a capacity as small as 20TBs (uncompressed) the TS7770 enables customers to...

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IBM Spectrum Protect(ISP:旧TSM)のDR

ISPにバックアップしたデータを災対サイトに置きたい!という時のソリューションをリストしてみました。 上から順におすすめという感じですね。 ディスク装置のDRもたまに見られますが、考慮点も多く、より太い帯域が必要だったり、FCIP装置が必要だったり、ミラーのライセンスが必要だったりと割高になりがちです。 全てディスクのDR機能で運用したい等の要件がなければ、素直にISPの機能でやるほうが良いでしょう。 ISPなら特別なライセンスは不要ですし、データ量はかなり減らせる可能性があります。最近流行りのオブジェクト・ストレージが使えるというのもウリですね。 ...

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Db2 High Availability in the Cloud

Db2 on Cloud is IBM’s on-line transaction processing (OLTP) solution in the public cloud - it allows for rapid deployment of large scale OLTP environments, provides flexible options for both volume and processing speed, and provides a unified architecture that enables hybrid data processing...

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