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Work Anywhere with FileNet - Any Cloud, Any Device, All Users

Are you creating a lot of new digital content and looking for the most flexible, cost effective place to access, collaborate and manage it with others ? We all understand - now more than ever - the need to have content accessible anywhere, collaborate remotely and easily manage...

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View and Collaborate on Video Files Using IBM Content Navigator

The IBM Content Navigator HTML5 video viewer feature allows users to view, bookmark, and collaborate on video files inside IBM Content Foundation, without the need for plugins or desktop applications. Tags: #cloud , #hybrid-cloud , #AutomationPlatform , #business-automation ​, #content , ...

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Securely Share Content with External Users

Content management is a team sport, and some of your team may be trusted external users. In this demo, you'll provide external users access to content in a simplified Navigator interface with security, full access control and the same redaction of your sensitive or private data. Tags: #cloud ,...

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Nuclear Regulatory Commission Presentation at World of Watson 2016

NRC uses IBM Case Manager (now Business Automation Workflow) with Watson Content Analytics to manage safety at Nuclear Power Plants across America. See what they presented in 2016 at World of Watson. #ecm #FileNet #CaseManager #Watson

World of Watson 2016 _NRC.pdf

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North Dakota Presentation at Think 2018

Chuck Picard told the Shared Services story as it is practiced in North Dakota. There's lots to learn about how the state manages content across its many agencies. #think #FileNet #enterprisecontentmanagement #content #capture

IBM Think 2018 Presentation_ND.pdf

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Share and Manage Enterprise Content

Configure and use IBM Content Navigator to share and manage enterprise content Tags: #cloud , #hybrid-cloud , #AutomationPlatform , #business-automation ​, #content , #enterprisecontentmanagement , #FileNet ​

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Product Tour of IBM FileNet Content Manager

Want to see for yourself? Take a short test drive of IBM Content Services to introduce you to the product. You'll be able to: Get experience sharing and managing enterprise content by using IBM® Content Navigator on the IBM Automation Platform for Digital Business. Tags: #cloud , #hybrid...